4th Grade Pictures

Talking about Africa Trip

Studnets Participating  Love Learning  Mr. Perez and Mrs. Burrage  Students :-)  Mrs. Chandra Burrage  Asking Questions!

Skulls found in Africa
 Carbon Earth is a program affiliated with Penn State Main Campus.  Scientists (and graduate students) come to rural and urban schools to enrich the Science curriculum with different lessons and ideas to help both students, and teachers,  realize we are all "scientists".  This year Room 404 has Mr. Perez who comes on a weekly basis to complete activities with the class.  The entire 4th grade was given the opportunity to participate in a guest speak, Chandra Turner, who works closely with Ethiopian and African families;  helping them to build better water supplies and irrigation systems.  All four 4th grade classes were able to participate and ask questions.  It was a great day and students' learned how much we have in common with African children their own age.  

In the very near future, we will be recording questions/comments and sending them to an Ethiopian school.  When the African students answer our questions, they will ask Scott Students questions.  We will continue this communication until the end of the school year.