4th Grade Weekly Update!


Posted by Nichole Miller at 10/9/2012

Welcome to the Scott School, 4th grade webpage!!  We are so glad you decided to stop by#  You can find homework assignments for each teacher, upcoming events, and an weekly blog clueing you in about what is going on in 4th grade!  Please don't hesitate to email your student's teacher with any questions you have about anything you see here#  We love to hear from you!  It's very important to us to keep in touch with you on a regular basis!


Currently in Science, your student is learning about the rocks and minerals found in our Earth#  Next week, your student will actually be investigating the ingredients in a rock!  Make sure you ask them about their "mock rock"! 

 Social Studies

In social studies we are learning about Pennsylvania history!  We will begin learning about where PA is located on the Earth#  Some students really struggle with understanding where we fit into the enormous Earth, talk to them about their neighborhood and areas you have visited#


In math, we will be focusing on assessing your child's math level, and getting started with building the basics#  Help your student by doing practice addition and subtraction problems at home to get them started!  This year we will be switching classes for math and reading, Mrs# McCann and Ms# Choate, along with Ms# Garling will be focusing on teaching math to all students# 


In reading, we are concentrating very hard on raising the fluency levels of our students#  This means we want them to be able to read faster and more accurately#  At home, you can practice by having them read a small story or paragraph, and practice it over and over getting faster and better at it each time# 

 Ms# Negley and Mrs# Miller, along with Mrs# Garling and Mrs# Chacon, will be focusing on reading this year# 

 In closing, we hope this information is helpful to you, and remind you to check out our classroom calendars for important dates and assignments.  Also please check out our personal introduction pages for important information!

 It was nice talking to you!

 -4th grade teachers