Usefull Websites and Forms

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Websites and Forms This site gives information about (12 Powerful Words - this link will give you our)
12 powerful words!  Practice!
the book it program we are doing for reading!! site allows you to order books, and explore( HMH vocabulary words- this is a list of)
vocabulary words for each reading lesson
"the stacks", it's an amazing resource! This site gives your child free access with a user
name and password, to tracked math games and progress reports!  Mrs. Miller's
class currently has names and passwords ready to use at home!

It has many links for parents and has math drill sheets set up like Rocket Math.

Has a lot of resources for parents, especially for parent rights, struggling students, special ed, etc

Multiplication games, resources, worksheets, etc

Online games for reading and math at elementary grade levels site allows parents to purchase access to amazing

games directly linked to standards, you can also get reports of
your child's progress!  Some 4th grade classes have a 30 day trial
in our classrooms.