Welcome to the Art Room

 Ms. Byrem, Art Instructor 


 4th Grade:

  Students are starting off the 2013-14 school year with a fun, summery project.  Students are desiging their own pair of sunglasses, with a twist!  They have to draw a scene on the lenses of the glasses that they think you could possibly see by looking through their glasses.  Enjoy their views!

4th Grade Art Gallery

3rd Grade:

  Do you know what "ish" means?  Just ask one of our 3rd graders!  Students read the book, ish, by Peter Reynolds.  They tried their hand at making their own "ish" drawings. The results are fun to look at!

2nd Grade: 

Did you know that a line is simply a moving dot?  Artists know how to move that dot in order to draw anything they want.  Students are practicing making basic shapes by moving that dot into a circle, square, triangle, heart, and star.  They have to overlap the shapes to make an interesting design.  Then they will render their creations in color using colored pencils, oil pastels, and watercolor.  These abstract paintings are sure to brighten your day. 

1st Grade:

  Students read the book Mouse Paint.  They pretended their mouse got into a box of crayons and colored themselves.  Aren't the many colors fun?  Students also learned how to handle a pair of scissors and apply glue without having it squirt all over the place.  Enjoy our mice!

"Powerful Words" for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders to know:

   1.  trace -- to list in steps; or to go over top of an image or around a pattern
   2.  analyze -- to break apart; to look closely at something to see how it is made or how it works
   3.  infer -- to read between the lines; to gather clues from the picture or reading passage
   4.  evaluate -- to judge; or to give a grade to a project
   5.  formulate -- to create; to come up with an idea
   6.  describe -- to tell all about
   7.  support -- to back up with details
   8.  explain -- tell how
   9.  summarize -- give me the short version
   10. compare -- tell all the ways they are alike
   11. contrast -- tell all the ways they are different
   12. predict -- what will happen next